John Radcliffe Studio is a film, photography and graphic design practice founded in 2015. In 2016 the studio self published the photobook “Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015–2016”. The book was shortlisted for the First Book Award (MACK Books), the Paris Photo Aperture Foundation First Book Award and was named The Observer’s Photobook of the Month for June the same year. It has been featured by The New Yorker, British Journal of Photography, Amnesty International, Frieze Week, Photo District News, Photoworks amongst many others.

Hannah Watson in The British Journal of Photography International Photography Award 2017 - January 2017: “The Foreigner series stood out, not only for some really strong images that often cross both documentary and artistic concepts, but because the whole project has been put together with a lot of dedication and energy and reaches out beyond the realms of photography to a very timely issue that we felt should be highlighted.”

Martin Parr in The British Journal of Photography - The Migration Issue September 2016: "The European saga of the refugee crisis is the biggest story in the last two years. The book is a perfect home for a complete statement and reflection on this ongoing situation - all the more so given our weekend supplements' reluctance to deal with difficult issues. Foreigner is a very welcome project, where the care and attention to in describing the narrative is applied with great sensitivity and a good eye. I was very happy to support the project, and delighted to see it published a few months later."

David Campany in The Photobook Review - 011/Fall 2016: "The combination of black-and-white and colour photographs and succinct writing is exemplary. The design of the book is elegant, incorporating vellum map overlays and cleanly typeset text, and serves the material exceptionally well. This book matters now. It will also become a significant historical record."